The latest in advanced manufacturing

Scaling up instead of selling out
Xerox execs explain how to keep companies in Ontario.
IT Business, July 2018

“Who really knows what we do?”
NGen’s CEO Jayson Myers explains how the supercluster will tap Ontario’s hidden strengths.
Policy magazine, June–July 2018

“This is business led.”
Innovation minister Navdeep Bains on how the supercluster strategy will work.
Policy magazine June–July 2018

Why superclusters matter
Former Clerk of the Privy Council Kevin Lynch on how Canada can brand its tech sector.
Policy magazine, June-July 2018

Beyond the cliché of “the next Silicon Valley”
Clusters are transformative when they build on regional economic strengths.
Scott Stern and Richard Florizone
The Globe and Mail, April 2018

Advanced Manufacturing bid named one of Canada’s five Superclusters
Next Generation Manufacturing Canada to lead national Industry 4.0 strategy
Feb. 15, 2018